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Sunderland Solvent Disposal

Waste Management Sunderland are experts in the collection, disposal and recycling of all types of solvents.

We favour to use recycling paths over landfill. Accordingly, along with our company partners, we use recycling routes where possible to cope with this particular particular type of waste. Our UK national service covers the collection disposal and recycling of flammable established solvents and solvent contaminated rags. Our disposal and recycling service complies with the hazardous waste regulations 2005.

Flammable solvents are normally paints, inks, resins, adhesives and cleaning solvents that are classed as hazardous waste and should be segregated from your general waste flow for specialist disposal.

Waste Management Sunderland are capable to provide a recycling service for a number of these types of solvents. The recycling actions that are taken with solvents, makes our disposal and recycling service successful from both environmental and cost perspectives. Once we’ve accumulated your waste solvents, they are taken to a completely licenced transfer station where the contents are removed, recovered and where possible recycled. The packaging is then recycled. Waste Management Sunderland trust that this info has been useful to you.

Alkali Waste Management

Alkali is utilised in business within caustic or lime uses and from neutralising scrubber systems and acid neutralisation treatments.

A lab test is undertaken on the Alkali waste, to ascertain alkalinity on the PH scale (alkali 11.5 to 14). This is performed on a pre-sample either from the client or a site visit from an experienced technician.

The alkali waste is then gathered from site in a tanker or IBC and treated

If we can be of any further help you can call our friendly team today and get all the information you need about the local solvent disposal services we provide. If you want a free no obligation quote you can submit your list from our “Get a Quotation” page and we will deal with your request.

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