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Battery Disposal Sunderland

Waste Management Sunderland are specialists in the collection and safe recycling of all types of batteries.

Waste Management Sunderland favor to use recycling paths over landfill. Batteries are a recyclable thing, consequently along with our business associates we use recycling to manage them. Waste Management Sunderland will gather your wasted batteries and take them to a completely authorized recycling centre, where our business associates use complex, state of the art gear and british technology to recycle them.

Battery Collection Service

Our battery collection service is perfect for offices, schools and small manufacturing sites. This service is a one-stop alternative for the safe storage, transport and recycling of domestic sort batteries for example those seen in the small portable appliances e.g. alkaline, nicad, zinc etc. The container is delivered to website, collected when full (with no time limit) and the contents recycled for an all-inclusive cost, including the consignment note. Respond by filling out our get a citation page.

We can also offer services perfect for sites with substantial batteries or a greater than average use of the smaller batteries. We offer solutions which can hold amalgamated dry cell batteries or lead acid wet cell batteries, but they mustn’t be blended together. So that both types can be kept until you’re ready for recycling, it may be economical to have two containers. Respond by filling out our get a quote form.

Waste Management Sunderland is the top resource management and recycling business in the North East, and is part of the Environmental department of the DCC Group. We work with waste companies to boost resource efficiency and reduce operating costs by increasing recycling and decreasing carbon emissions. As portion of our zero waste to landfill commitment we’re dedicated to helping our clients reduce their environmental and carbon impact. We continue to do this through investment in new technologies to help broaden the range of our reprocessing services whilst developing sustainable markets for secondary materials.

We also successfully locate and secure markets for over 200,000 tonnes of recycled products. Local waste managementdoes not possess or manage a landfill facility and is dedicated to building on our specialist recycling skills.

Our Philosophy
*To supply our clients with cost and carbon savings resulting from sustainable waste management that won’t cost the earth
*Waste Management Sunderland is one of the few waste management companies to attain the carbon trust standard
*To continue investing in new recycling and recovery technologies
*To associate with our clients to assist continuous advancement, drive out inefficiency and attain long term mutual advantage

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